Help Today's Students

Help Today's Students

 Alumni have a variety of opportunites to help today's BSD and Pritzker students as they prepare for their future careers.

Alumni Ambassador Program

The MBSAA’s newest volunteer program gives medical alumni the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Pritzker students as they make career decisions and prepare to become physicians. Alumni Ambassadors are available to answer medical students' questions about their specialty, medical center, or city through email, phone call, or a face-to-face meeting. Become an Alumni Ambassador today!

myCHOICE Mentor Network

myCHOICE provides graduate students and postdocs with career options and experiences that leverage their strong biomedical research training. The myCHOICE Mentor Network helps alumni become involved with myCHOICE in some way, whether it is sharing your expertise with trainees through information interviews, facilitating an externship, or participating in myCHOICE events. Visit the FAQ’s page to learn more or complete the form to become a myCHOICE mentor today.

Help Our Students Travel (HOST) Program

Hosting a student during his or her visit to your area not only helps defray the financial burden of the residency search, it connects the student to a source of expert knowledge about a community in which he or she may end up practicing. Hosts are needed throughout the country from October-January of each year. Learn more or volunteer to become a host!


UChicago's Wisr (pronounced "wiser") makes it easier for alumni to get involved, expand their network and become a resource to current students. This new alumni-to-student network allows students to request 15-30 minute conversations with alumni to ask career advice. Alumni choose how often they can be involved. Learn more about Wisr.