5 Things You May Not Have Known About the MBSAA

Being on the Alumni Council is a great way to get involved with the life of the University of Chicago. But there are lots of other ways to be involved with the vibrant community of alumni, students, faculty, and leaders that make up the Medical and Biological Sciences Alumni Association (MBSAA).

1) You can mentor current students without leaving your hometown—or even your home! The MBSAA Residency Interview Hosting Program connects fourth-year medical students with medical alumni during their residency interviews. You can not only provide a place for students to stay while they’re interviewing, but you can also offer information and support for Pritzker students during a financially challenging and stressful part of medical school.

2) But if you want to leave home and come to what many consider to be the greatest city in the world, the MBSAA hosts an annual meeting for all alumni during Medical Reunion. All medical and biological sciences alumni are invited, and it’s an opportunity to learn more about Alumni Council initiatives and exciting work happening at Pritzker and in the Division of the Biological Sciences.

3) You don’t need to be on the Alumni Council to join a committee. The MBSAA has several committees that are looking for members like you! If you’re interested in helping to shape the content of Medicine on the Midway, you can join the Editorial Committee (headed by Chris Albanis, AB’96, MD’00), or if you would like to help plan regional MBSAA events, you can join the Regional Programs Committee (headed by Dean Rider, MD’78). And the time commitment isn’t crazy: most committees meet about two times per year.

4) You can be selected to be honored by your MBSAA peers. The MBSAA honors alumni every year with Distinguished Service Awards, given out during Medical Reunion. If you have a classmate or friend from Pritzker or the Division of the Biological Sciences who has made significant contributions to the biological sciences or medicine, you can nominate him or her at any time.

5) The Alumni Association—and, by extension, the broader University of Chicago community—is full of creative, curious people. (You probably knew this one already though.) “It is so energizing and gratifying to be able to talk to the kinds of people that I meet through the Alumni Association,” says MBSAA President Michael Silverman, MD’73. “Whether it’s the professors or administrators or the students or researchers, it’s a thrill to be in a room with these people.”